Prenatal & Postnatal Programs

Balanced nourishing meal
Stress management
Hydration is important
Healthy eating

Prenatal Program


Planning to get pregnant?


Now is the perfect time to develop healthy and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits that you can continue throughout your pregnancy and beyond. 


This program focuses on building foundational habits, not on rigid rules, counting calories or reaching a goal weight. The aim is to reduce the stress in your life and help you listen to your body and trust it, while building a lifestyle that will enhance your health and the health of your future family. 

There is so much conflicting information and often misguided advice about what to eat, how to move and what to do when becoming pregnant it becomes overwhelming. I help you navigate this landscape by providing evidence-based education, guidance, and support.

Having personally dealt with hormonal issues that were worsened by stress, diet and lifestyle I understand the impact that mindset, habits and diet have on a woman's body and her fertility. Each woman’s specific struggles and experience are unique and therefore each woman requires a unique approach to optimize her lifestyle. 

Postnatal Program


This program focuses on:

  • Optimizing rest and stress reduction,

  • Recognizing thoughts and emotions,

  • Eating sufficiently for recovery,

  • Maintaining adequate hydration and

  • Creating new eating and lifestyle habits that fit your new life.


My focus is to connect, relate and normalize your feelings. This is a challenging time for any mother be it your first time or fourth. I encourage rest and recovery and emphasize a well balanced diet using whole foods to provide you with the best nutrition possible. I will help you build a system that works for you and meets your needs and those of your family. 

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