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Not everyone is looking for, or ready to commit to individualized coaching. Whether you are looking for a way to kick start healthy change, or you need a boost of support along the way, a One Habit Challenge may be right for you. Challenges run at specified times throughout the year and a limited number of spots are available. Challenges are run entirely online and involve a small group format with interaction with other members in the challenge. A challenge is 6 weeks in duration and includes an individual initial assessment, followed by enrolment into the group, Weekly actions are set by a coach followed by weekly group check ins to discuss progress, struggles, successes, problem solve solutions and implement next actions. Within your online group and forum category you have daily interaction and support with other group members. Spend as much or as little time as you want within these spaces. 


Sweet & Salty Stress Relief- Be it chips and french fries or cookies, chocolate and candy, if you find yourself elbow deep in the sweet and salty delectables every time a deadline approaches, tensions rise at work, or your kids scream non-stop this challenge is for you. Find alternative methods of managing stress and decrease your reliance on food as a distraction and temporary relief method. 

Less Alcohol Ladies- Has your nightly beverage become a routine habit rather than an enjoyed treat? Are you drinking more frequently or a greater amount than you want to or know you should? Wether your goal is to simply cut back or to abstain all together this program offers a nonjudgemental and supportive environment to reach your individual goals.*


Mindless Munchers: Whether you are snacking all day long on workplace goodies, have your head in the cupboard all day at home or have a nightly routine of eating while you watch tv and unwind, this challenge is for you.

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This program is not intended to treat or manage Alcohol Use Disorders or alcohol related medical conditions. If you have been diagnosed with one of these please speak with your physician for further guidance and management options.  For further information visit: