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I emphasize building healthy, sustainable habits for lifelong change. I work with female clients with a diverse range of goals including weight loss, improving your relationship with food, enhancing athletic performance through nutrition, healthy aging, improved stress management and pre- & postnatal health optimization.  


1-on-1 Online Coaching:

All coaching sessions are conducted through online video conferencing.

  • 20 min "Get Started" coaching session provides an introduction to the coaching process and myself. 

  • 60 min "Initial" coaching session provides an in depth look at who you are and what your goals are, a customized Nutrition and Wellness Plan is created and provided to you. 

  • Weekly** "Progress" coaching sessions provide ongoing evaluation, problem solving, support and advancement. 

 During coaching sessions we work on building fundamental healthy habits in nutrition, exercise, rest and recovery. We work on creating a positive relationship with food and with yourself. When applicable, we work on stress management techniques and managing emotions without food. These habits can create improvement in almost every persons lifestyle; from the health novice to the health expert, or the fitness beginner to the elite athlete.

A customized nutrition plan is created and provided to each client based on their individual needs and goals. This plan is a guide and tool to help enable the client to make better choices. The nutrition plan is not a rigid set of rules and restrictions, it is not a "diet". It is a suggested template designed to support healthy eating habits for life. The nutrition plan creates a foundation for the platform of coaching. 

This coaching method is not a quick fix.

Become a member of this Fine Form Community and gain the support and encouragement you deserve to build a healthy and happy life.

To get started today reach out and get more information or schedule a FREE Discovery Session.

Ready to commit? Purchase a Plan or a single Coaching Session. 

Please review all options carefully and contact me with any questions before purchase. 

**Once weekly progress check-in sessions are the standard for most client programs, however the frequency can be increased or decreased based on the preferences and needs of each individual client.