Women's nutrition

Improve your mindset and accomplish your goals by focusing on your nutritional needs in a supportive and sustainable way.

Fine Form for Women

Prioritizing You and Your Goals

 My FOCUS is your success.

Do you struggle with finding balance?

Do you wish you could stop constantly thinking about food, your weight and your body in a negative way?

Do you just want to be happy and healthy?

Every person requires support and guidance in reaching their nutrition and lifestyle goals. Nutrition, eating habits, body image, weight management and finding balance are complicated issues that can be simplified when you allow yourself a helping hand. My focus is on helping you create a healthy mindset, healthy eating habits and healthy approach to accomplish your goals. 

My MISSION is to help you look after you.

To close the gap between knowing what you should do and actually doing it. To help you create meaningful change and lasting results in your health and wellness. I work with you to discover your strengths and find methods that work best for you to reach your goals. Most importantly, I provide ongoing support to help you through the ups and downs that come with pursuing meaningful change.


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Coaching Goals

Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching can be custom tailored to any goal 

Make Peace with food and your body.

Following guided practices, learn to view food with a neutral perspective. Discover how to eat what you desire without associated guilt or anxiety.


  • Learn to stop letting food dictate your life and how you feel about yourself. 

  • Learn what your body needs and how to listen to it.

  • Gain body acceptance while pursing your health goals. 

Finding Solutions

Put an end to using food and alcohol as a comfort and coping method. Learn healthful stress management techniques and how to choose foods that 

energize and sustain you both physically

and mentally. Discover methods and

techniques to achieve a more

balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Sustainable methods. Changes for life.

Using mindful eating practices you are guided, encouraged and supported in making small changes, staying consistent and building lifelong skills to meet your goals. Find the best way of eating for you, strategies to stay consistent and methods to make healthier choices enjoyable. Reach your goals and ultimately a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Support your effort. Enhance your results.

Learn how to choose the best way of eating to support your athletic goals, how to structure your exercise program for best results and how to stay consistent when you are busy. Learn to adopt important strategies for rest and recovery.

Reclaim Balanced Eating

Feel empowered, feel confident, free your mind.

Woman Dancing

Discover how to create balanced eating habits that last.

Develop a mindset that supports you and your goals.

Shift from restriction and bingeing to happiness and health.



About Me

Stephanie Cacic, B.Sc, MD



Eating well is more than WHAT you eat, it's also HOW you eat and how you THINK.

Optimize your lifestyle. Find your balance.

Become your healthiest self in mind and body as you prepare for pregnancy.

Pool Reflection Stretching

Recover well. Make time for you.

Develop a new routine that supports your mental and physical well being.


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